Paris High Noon

William “Catfish” Hancock, who used to ride with Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, has retired to Paris in the late 1930’s to ride out his sunset years along the Left Bank. When the Nazis invade and ruin his retirement, he straps on the six-gun for one last showdown. As the hour hand strikes noon, six shots ring out, and the six Nazis that were livin’, were livin’ no more.

With the help of café garçon Jean Malheur, Catfish gathers a gang of French outlaws and brings the fight to the Nazis, Wild West style. From rustling horses to robbing banks, Catfish leads La Bande Sauvage to the Spanish border, all the while out running the SS posse.

Now the Nazis don’t take too kindly to the fact that an old cowboy is putting up more of a fight than the whole French army. So they send in their number one man killer, SS Major Bartholomew Schwartz, a.k.a. Black Bart, a man who shares a secret past with Catfish. For Black Bart knows that in order to catch the old cowboy, he has to think like one.

At the border, Catfish pulls reign and turns back around. He knows that you can outrun a posse, but not the consequences that sent them out. With the Nazis holding his pard, Hiccup, Catfish is determined to break him out or die trying. Teaming up with a cabaret chanteuse and a team of SOE agents, Catfish and his La Bande Sauvage take on Black Bart and his SS gunfighters, in a high noon showdown.

Paris High Noon puts a fresh spin on the traditional Western, creating a story that is familiar yet new, with characters trying to find meaning in a changing world.


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